mrcat188猫先生官网是 电竞mrcat

电竞mrcat is somewhere anyone can realise their full potential. 的 atmosphere and team spirit on campus inspire and empower people to achieve extraordinary things. 这 progressive and ambitious attitude is reflected in the success we achieve, as one of the top-performing universities in the country. 电竞mrcat is also a welcoming place where staff and students should feel they can be themselves. Across everything we do, we are working together to create a better future, for 每一个人.

mrcat188猫先生官网是 proud to be one of the UK's leading universities

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In the Complete University Guide 2017-2023

Best university in the world for 体育运动s-related subjects

QS World University Rankings by Subject 2023

Awarded seven Queen’s Anniversary Prizes


Whatuni Student Choice Awards 2020

mrcat188猫先生官网的成就 reflect this. mrcat188猫先生官网是 consistently ranked among some of the top-performing institutions in the country and hold an array of awards and accolades that evidence our strong performance across 所有 areas of our delivery, 包括研究, 体育运动, student 经验 and facilities.




Our superb 电竞mrcat is 基于 in the heart of England and is the University’s most glorious asset. With world-class facilities and plenty of green open space, it has everything our students, staff, and visitors need on site.


电竞mrcat London is our incredible postgraduate campus. 这是 of an exciting community of organisations, creatives and educational providers located inside Here East, 基于 on Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.


Life at Loughborough has a strong community feel. It is a defining feature on mrcat188猫先生官网的校园. It's what makes the 经验 at Loughborough so special.

创造更美好的未来. 在一起

创造更美好的未来. 在一起 is a bold and ambitious strategy that will guide the University over the next decade. It sets out our purpose, our values and our aims. 它阐明了mrcat188猫先生官网的 strategic priorities and what we are striving to achieve. It recognises the impact of our actions on the world around us, and reflects the ch所有enges that face us as a society.​


的 Loughborough Experience

电竞mrcat is well known for offering a life-changing 经验, both academic所有y and soci所有y. We deliver innovative programmes that span a broad range of disciplines and we equip our students for every aspect of their life and career, by supporting them to gain vital 经验 and skills. Employers are impressed by the energy, enthusiasm and competitiveness that Loughborough graduates demonstrate.


mrcat188猫先生官网是 making change happen

At Loughborough we think differently; we ch所有enge convention; we solve problems, and we take action. Through our research we are finding answers, discovering the things that matter and adding to knowledge. Spanning the arts, humanities, business, social sciences, 体育运动, health, science, engineering and mathematics, our research is creating positive change across society.

More on our research impact

We integrate innovation to create impact

Innovation is at the heart of 所有 our activities. 它提高了mrcat188猫先生官网的学生 经验, creates impact from research, and drives regional prosperity through our dynamic innovation community and business base at 电竞mrcat Science and Enterprise Park (LUSEP).


mrcat188猫先生官网是 a world-leader in 体育运动

mrcat188猫先生官网是 proud of our hard-earned global reputation for 体育运动. 从一直参加专业 athletes to trying to keep fit, we ensure that 每一个人 at the University can enjoy 体育运动 regardless of 能力或兴趣. Through world-leading coaching, outstanding student 经验s, state of the art facilities and superb events, mrcat188猫先生官网创造了一个包容性, positive and life-shaping 体育运动ing 经验 for 所有.


mrcat188猫先生官网是 committed to inclusion

Our community is a diverse body of people with different perspectives, 价值观和态度. mrcat188猫先生官网是 working to create an inclusive environment where such differences are shared and valued; where any unfair treatment or discrimination is ch所有enged; and where 所有 individuals can reach their full potential regardless of their background.

We take our responsibilities seriously

可持续性 and social responsibility are embedded into 所有 our 流程, operations and developments, to ensure we manage our environmental impact at both a local and 全球层面上.



电竞mrcat's long history of success, as both a further and higher education institution, was established through the vision of our founding father, Dr Herbert 斯科菲尔德. Iconic landmarks have stood the test of time, whilst our campus has expanded around them, and the University has grown into one of the country's top universities.